Chariots Congratulations

Led by the howling vocals of Travis Bos (ex-Song of Zarathustra), Chariots take the hardcore growl of Bos’ previous work and adds to it a fresh sense of melody and hip-shaking grooves. Similar to such artists as Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower, Chariots’ sound is a mix of danceable drumbeats and crunchy guitars, fleshed out by unique keyboard sounds that range from ethereal atmospherics to in-your-face church organ. The title track in particular moves from easy dance grooves to a pounding finale more reminiscent of Since By Man than anything that could be defined as "dance punk.” "Nouveau Riche,” one of the album’s standout tracks, showcases the guitar prowess of Eric Odness, as a fantastic lead-off riff morphs into a set of discordant disco upstrokes as the song progresses. Not quite as strong as some of their peers in the genre, Chariots none the less show incredible potential, on top of the simple ability to get bodies moving. (Troubleman)