Champion Count Our Numbers

Boston, MA, has always been a breeding ground for great hardcore, and the newest chapter in the area's rich "old school" tradition is Bridge Nine Records. In its relatively short existence, Bridge Nine has managed to release 29 records, including excellent offerings from American Nightmare, Cops and Robbers, Carry On, Panic and No Warning. One of the newest members of the label's already impressive roster is Seattle's Champion. Champion are along the lines of the other bands on Bridge Nine - that is to say that they play fast old school hardcore with the occasional finger pointing mosh part thrown in for good measure. With the release of Count Our Numbers, Champion hasn't exactly reinvented the wheel, but it's obvious that they're not trying to. What they do, they do well, and Count Our Numbers is miles ahead of last year's Phyte offering, Come Out Swinging. Lyrically, Champion covers the same ground as most of the bands in this genre - betrayal, failed friendships, straightedge and general problems with the hardcore scene - but what's important to remember is that all of these things are what hardcore has been about since day one, and it's good to know that some people still remember that. (Bridge Nine)