Chali 2na/Various Da Fishmarket

It’s no secret that the verbal Herman Munster is the most popular member of Jurassic 5, with his distinct Barry White rapping style and gigantic physical frame, so it was only a matter of time that Chali 2na would branch out on his own. Even though Da Fishmarket is a mix-tape, showcasing some of his past appearances outside of J5, it’s an indication that this animated MC’s skills are in demand. To call this a one-man showcase is a bit misleading though as there are so many people involved in the shaping of this record, seeing as the majority of these joints are merely Chali lending 16 bars to someone else’s composition, such as "Full Contact” by a then-good Swollen Members or "Sweet Science” by Rasco. Two of the highlights come from fantastic collaborations with Roots Manuva on the mighty "Join the Dots” and "Revolution 9,” but we also get some forgettable teamwork with Linkin Park. What is it about this horrid band that makes gifted MCs want to throw down a verse, though "4 GT 10” is certainly one of their more tolerable efforts. Two of Canada’s finest punch in on the Fishmarket clock as Kardinal and Solitaire throw down with the sped-up vocal ditty "Please Believe” moments before a solid remix of Jurassic 5’s "Linguistics” crops up, letting Chali get loose with his original crew — this shows that even though the giant could succeed with a proper solo record, he really shines the brightest when the four MC harmonies take form. Da Fishmarket is essential for fans of Jurassic 5 that might not be able to keep up with all the work Chali’s been doing on the side in the past few years, but this is no where near the same level as the miracles he produces with his home team. (Fish Market)