Chaka Khan Funk This

Funk This is Chaka Khan’s best album since 1984’s I Feel For You. Legendary voices never go out of style and this is the case with Ms. Khan. If anything, her contralto is more vibrant and gripping than ever before. Khan is one of the greatest vocalists of our time and her interpretive power never diminishes. While jams like club-banger and first single "Disrespectful” featuring sonic prodigy Mary J. Blige absolutely rock, it’s the covers that take centre stage. It’s not surprising, since signature jams like the Prince penned "I Feel For You” and Stevie Wonder’s "Tell Me Something Good” have become synonymous with Chaka. The same goes for an uplifting take on Jimi Hendrix’s "Castles Made of Sand” and a startling rendition of Prince’s "Sign of the Times,” which unfortunately sounds more relevant today than 20 years back. If there’s one misstep here it’s Khan’s reunion with Rufus guitarist Tony Maiden. Instead of forging new ground there’s a medley of "Pack’d My Bags” and "You Got the Love.” It’s great to hear the underrated maiden again but unless Rufusized and Rags To Rufus aren’t in your collection there’s no reason for this. Otherwise, Funk This is a new chapter in the career of one of our greatest divas. (Burgundy)