The Japanese four-piece is calling it quits after more than a decade

Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jan 18, 2024

CHAI — the joyful Japanese band that melded punk, R&B and electronic pop — have announced their breakup. 

In a message to fans posted on their Instagram page, the band wrote that they "are sad to let you know that, following our upcoming Japan tour, CHAI will eternalize NEO KAWAII (=parting ways as a band)."

CHAI was formed in 2012 in Nagoya, Japan, by twin sisters Mana, who played keys, and Kana, who played guitar. They were joined by drummer Yuna and bassist Yuuki, the latter of whom wrote the band's lyrics.

The band strove to redefine traditional notions of kawaii (or "cute") by spearheading what they called "neo kawaii," which opened up the cultural definitions of cuteness and desirability to include everyone. The band released four killer albums in their decade as a band, the most recent being last year's CHAI

It's a bummer to see them say goodbye, but it'll be exciting to see what the individual members do next. CHAI forever! 

You can read their whole statement below. 

First of all, we want to thank everyone for all of the support you give us!
We are sad to let you know that, following our upcoming Japan tour, CHAI will eternalize NEO KAWAII (=parting ways as a band).

To continue our journey of self-love, as CHAI have always said, and to continue to fulfill our own personal visions, we have decided to go our separate ways.
We are so sorry to surprise you with this news.

CHAI would never have been able to travel the world without all of your support, and we cannot thank you enough for the love and courage you have given us.

Each of the members will continue to represent and spread NEO KAWAII in our own individual ways, so we would greatly appreciate your support in the future too.

TEN-KYUUUU so much for everything!
We love you so much, now and forever♡♡♡

We will travel Japan on our last tour to give LOVE to all of our NEO KAWAII BABIES one last time, so let's have the best time together☆




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