Chachi on Acid Destroy Fred Mertz Sessions

It's not uncommon for a veteran band to embark upon a brave, new musical endeavour, but in the case of the juvenile Chachi on Acid and their new acoustic direction, well, let's say some things are better left alone. Like the turd in a punk rock punch bowl, Chachi on Acid have been delivering offensive lyrics and brainless, but brash, chops for the past 19 years with such ditties as "Let's Kill the Neighbores" and "Recycle this you Panty Waste," albeit these gems don't embody the same grit when played acoustically. Recorded during a live performance on a London, ON university radio station, the Destroy Fred Mertz Sessions ruthlessly suffers from a poor mix and power chords played on a single acoustic guitar that are sloppy, muddled and flat out unbearable. Perhaps it's just a phase or a prank pulled on listeners, but Chachi on Acid should stick to what they know best and keep the guitars plugged in. (Independent)