CFCF Unveils 'The Colours of Life' for 1080p

CFCF Unveils 'The Colours of Life' for 1080p
CFCF's upcoming Radiance and Submission hasn't even landed yet, but the Montreal producer (real name Mike Silver) has already announced plans for a new release.
The Colours of Life is a 41-minute long piece that will arrive in cassette and digital forms on August 14. It will mark CFCF's first release for 1080p.
According to a press release, Silver started working on the composition in Paris back in 2011 when he was living in a one-bedroom apartment with his then-girlfriend and only his laptop to make music on.
It was inspired by some of Silver's cheesier influences, like the Windham Hill label and, more specifically, Phil Collins' "Hand in Hand."
"It's a super simple corny song built on a Roland CR-78 loop and just the silliest pan-global optimistic tone," Silver explained in a statement. "And I got into the idea of doing a record of music like that, that would incorporate a lot of this stuff I was listening to and be of use as like, call waiting background music — just the most pleasant thing and kind of trying to push to the edges of tolerable cheese in some places, but also have it be totally sincere and not ironic, like actually purely pleasurable music."
The Colours of Life is broken down into 12  tracks, and you can see them listed below. The album artwork is pictured above.
The Colours of Life:
1. Departure
2. Melting the Ice
3. Our World
4. The Pyramid
5. Rain Dance
6. Intimacy
7. Nightmusic
8. Tropical Realities
9. A Real Dream
10. Imagination
11. Touching the Earth
12. Return