Cee Lo "All I Need Is Love" (video)

Cee Lo 'All I Need Is Love' (video)
We're still a month away from Christmas, but Cee Lo Green is already making his way through the holiday party circuit and has got together with the Muppets to deliver the merry Cee Lo's Magic Moment number "All I Need is Love."

The narrative of the vid finds Cee Lo dropping in on Kermit and the rest of the felty favourites after getting lost on his way to a get together in Hotlanta, and the cast of critters receive him in open arms. What comes next is a raging party with meals of milk and cookies, a mistletoe-indebted mouth union from the frog and his best hog Miss Piggy, and a breakdance routine from Santa himself.

The song, meanwhile, sums up Cee Lo's desire for nothing more than some love for Christmas, and has a hook that references old-school Muppet Show routine "Mah Nà Mah Nà" (originally recorded by Italian composer Piero Umiliani).