Cattle Decapitation

The Anthropocene Extinction

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Aug 5, 2015

With every album they release, Cattle Decapitation shatter expectations; this time around, the shards have seemingly lodged themselves in Travis Ryan's vocal cords.
Littered throughout the wasteland of gurgling growls and shrill shrieks that fill The Anthropocene Extinction are the snarls that the vocalist experimented with on 2012's Monolith of Inhumanity, a sort of pseudo-singing that just might be more unsettling than his more traditional death metal scream, and which showcases his impressive range. It gets even more impressive when it takes hold for a whole track, as on the mournful "Ave Exitium."
In any other band, Ryan's performance would leave his mates in the dust, but among his Cattle Decapitation band mates, he's evenly matched: Dave McGraw's drumming is, once again, impressive both for its finesse and sheer velocity, while the other instruments manage to entangle themselves in the storm without tripping up. The Anthropocene Extinction is another stroke of genius by one of the best heavy bands of all time.
(Metal Blade)

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