Catherine MacLellan

Church Bell Blues

BY Vish KhannaPublished Aug 1, 2006

PEI’s Catherine MacLellan is one of those rare gifts of a singer who coveys her gentle voice with powerful force. The daughter of esteemed folk songwriter Gene MacLellan, young Catherine comes from a rich history of song. As Canada’s answer to Gillian Welch, MacLellan delivers slow-tempo gems like "Dreams Dissolve” and "River Valley Plains” with a full-throated voice that is as fragile as it is strong. It’s not quite darkness but there is a sense of pain inherent on this record, as MacLellan patiently meditates on the unsteady work of living. As much stories as songs, "Too Easy” and "The Long Way Home” are rich, restless narratives invested with hope against all odds. Church Bell Blues often comes across as a therapeutic outpouring of emotion from a young artist on the rise. It’s a truly compelling record from a grand singer with a bright future on the horizon.

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