Catch 22 Washed Up!

Washed Up!, the new four-song EP by hardcore label Victory's token ska band pales in comparison to their first album, Keasbey Nights. Catch 22's line-up on this EP is almost completely different from the original band. After acquiring a new vocalist, guitarist and bassist, the band seems to have lost most of the skill they once had. Catch 22 makes an effort to fit in with Victory hardcore bands with the absurdly titled thrash song, "The Death of My Blood Is Your Indulgence." It's basically a few minutes of noise and screaming. The other three songs on the album don't stand out in any way. "Leaving" is generic ska-punk, "Hard To Impress" is a lame attempt at Latin-influenced sounds and the third track is a terrible cover of "American Pie." It seems that new singer Jeff Davidson forgot to learn most of the lyrics to the song, since the only words he sings are the chorus over about ten times. The bonus track is a recording from a live show, consisting of three songs from Keasbey Nights, and are far superior than anything else on the EP. (Victory)