Carrie Newcomer The Geography of Light

The songs of Carrie Newcomer’s Geography of Light create a cloudy sky, rich with texture and an underlying luminosity, which occasionally delivers flashes of brilliant light. "There is a Tree” uses a lush string section and tight vocals to emphasise the crafted lyrics: "There is a tree beyond this world/and in its roots a song is curled.” "One Woman With A Shovel” picks up where her prior album, Wilderness Plots, left off, depicting another story from the Scott Russell Sanders book, one of preservation set to a rolling accordion and steel guitar twang. Newcomer’s voice is resonant and comforting, with an inherent warmth that’s complemented best by the deep singing of the cello. The whole album is marked with an audible echo that’s slightly odd but does give the sense of sun-washed church walls — a light and cavernous space. That luminous space is where Newcomer lives, filling it to the rafters with her music. (Rounder)