Carnal Forge The More You Suffer

This is the Swedish metal band’s fourth album and for once we can say that they have actually improved, even if it is only slightly. They play thrash metal with some more extreme influences that make their music brutal and in your face. This time the songs are actually a bit better constructed than on their two previous albums. Of course, it still can’t be described as a very good album, but at least they escaped the "average” grade of previous releases. This time they present some real talent. The songs are groovy and while there is a lot of sameness on the album, it does includes a couple of truly interesting ones. A couple of heavy songs feature the correct dose of thrash and "light” death metal, some semi-brutal vocals and killer riffs. The production of the album is good enough and it’s certainly better than their previous albums. Still, they have a long road ahead of them, but I’m happy to say that at last they have made some progress. (Century Media)