Carnal Forge Firedemon

There's always talk about how some mildly rocking band (Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC) is solely responsible for a wide range of homicidal and/or suicidal acts. That said, we should all thank our lucky stars that Richard Ramirez has been locked up for the duration of Carnal Forge's existence. Their first album, Who's Gonna Burn, was a testament to the way Swedish speed-death metal should be played; fuck those ponce-y Iron Maiden melodies; be damned if keyboards are gonna rear their wispy heads and screw the Nordic chicks in evening wear singing opera. This is metal! Lock up your daughters, hide the meatballs and notify your ear, nose and throat specialist because these guys mean business. The riffs that make up such uplifting numbers as "Too Much Hell Ain't Enough For Me," "I Smell Like Death (Son of a Bastard)," "A Revel in Violence" and "Covered With Fire (I'm Hell)" are just as much old Entombed as they are vintage Motörhead, complete with a vicious sound, and are unbelievably catchy despite their utter ruthlessness. The energy this album possesses will get you off your slovenly buttocks and have you thrashing around your room, trashing things that you probably shouldn't be trashing and looking for nasal cavities to cave in by the end of the second song. Probably not what your enemies want to hear. (Century Media)