Camaromance Empty Picture Frames

This 13-track debut CD from Montreal duo the Camaromance opens with a heartfelt instrumental then flows into almost entirely (with the exception of a couple cuts) folksy female-fronted arrangements. Martine Groulx and Gabriel Rousseau, the pair behind the band, make full use of guitars, drums and vocals to create a unique form of songwriting that is neither truly folk, country or pop, but instead, acts as a musical shape-shifter, travelling between the styles and choosing what fits best from each to wear. Singer Martine has a perfectly lovely voice (sometimes reminiscent of Lisa Loeb) that carries the record (along with the intriguing lyrics) more than the warm analogue melodies that lie beneath. Empty Picture Frames presents a balanced selection of songs from ballads to mid-tempo hooky, darkly sentimental tracks. However once you’ve heard the first couple of songs, there’s nothing else unexpected or particularly groundbreaking to be found here — just the marks of a good lyricist (and musical pairing) with some catchy and perfectly re-listenable tunes. (Independent)