Camaromance Different Paths

The Camaromance are all grown up these days. With the departure of Gabriel Rousseau, the Montreal duo recently became a vehicle for Martine Groulx’s solo work. Where Empty Picture Frames was acoustic pop rock with Rousseau and Groulx sharing vocal duties, Different Paths takes, well, a different path. The focus has shifted to an intimate electro folk sound, with lyrics and themes that are almost uncomfortably personal. This is an album grounded in heartache. But that’s part of its charm; who doesn’t respect a songwriter willing to lay their broken heart bare? Groulx’s staggeringly beautiful voice is similar to that of Jenny Lewis, and it’s a nice change to have it take centre stage. Different Paths sometimes suffers from over-production, bending and shaping the vocals through echo effects that detract far more than they add. Like Groulx’s intensely emotional lyrics, her gorgeous voice is best left naked and exposed to the elements. (Independent)