Calvin Harris I Created Disco

With fame spawning primarily from an OCD necessity to add friends within the ever-expanding cultural phenomenon of MySpace, which has now become the staple networking diet for any artist looking to receive commercial acceptance, Calvin Harris’s bedroom production electro-clash is unsurprisingly a barrage of pop-fuelled, synthesised nonsense. Consisting of retro keyboard melodies over an electro bass line, with bleeps, tweaks and flat house beats, barely satirical lyrics from the bag of rhymes of a pre-schooler and harmonising indie falsettos tired from overuse by countless Freddie Mercury wannabes, this has been a disappointment to those that even enjoyed the periodic and remarkable success of the single "Acceptable in the ’80s.” In each track the words repeat ad nauseam, with minor variations over slightly catchy hooks that lose fervour far too soon due to a lack of any surrounding development or imagination, and then bizarrely return to the chorus twice more. Contrary to any premises alluded to by the single, I Created Disco is not acceptable in any decade. (Almost Gold)