​Calpurnia Team with PUP Director for "Greyhound" Video

​Calpurnia Team with PUP Director for 'Greyhound' Video
Calpurnia have unveiled a new video for "Greyhound," and it sees frontman Finn Wolfhard and drummer Malcolm Craig working with a familiar face.
Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux directed the clip, reuniting him with Wolfhard and Craig after previously casting them in PUP's 2014 "Guilt Trip" video — an experience that directly influenced the formation of Calpurnia.
"If Jeremy hadn't cast me and Malcolm in PUP's 'Guilt Trip' video back in 2014, I doubt Calpurnia would even exist," Wolfhard said in a statement. "He was not only instrumental in the genesis of our band, but he established what for me is the ideal tone on set. To have it all come full circle with Jeremy directing our 'Greyhound' video, it really is kind of amazing. I mean, I don't think you could actually write this story, because no one would believe it. This is the third video I've worked on with Jeremy, but with his imagination and energy so infectious, I very much doubt it will be the last."
Wolfhard and Craig also worked with Schaulin-Rioux on PUP's "Sleep in the Heat" video.
We spoke with Schaulin-Rioux about shooting the video with the band after previously working with them as actors. He told us, "I felt less guilty about prodding them to do things. Before, we'd have them falling off things and fake barfing and cutting each other, but they were actors not getting paid super well, so I felt pretty nervous. And now, it's like, 'It's your band. If you wanna jump off shit and get in trouble, it's your band, so go for it!'"

The Calpurnia vid sees Wolfhard and his bandmates onscreen once again, lonesomely wandering streets and staircases, before eventually banding together.

The track appears on Calpurnia's recently released debut EP Scout. Watch the video for "Greyhound" below.