Calgary's YYC Music Awards Reveals 2019 Nominees

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Jul 26, 2019

Calgary's YYC Music Awards has just announced the 2019 nominees, which this year include the likes of Miesha and the Spanks, Matt Blais, Hammerdrone, Kay L, Aimee-Jo Benoit and more.

Award winners in 21 categories will be revealed at the fourth annual YYC Music Awards gala, set to be held September 22 at the Palace Theatre.

Other 2019 nominees include Titus1, Kate Stevens, Lisette Xavier, Nice Horse, Taken By Sanity, Miss Benzo, the Moröns, Ben Chase and many more.

"The YYC Music Awards is thrilled to see so many Calgary and area artists submitting again this year," media director Shannon Ambrose said in a statement. "As with every year, our Adjudication Committee had their work cut out for them choosing nominees. This year's list represents some of the amazing and eclectic talents in our city." 

Tickets for this year's 2019 YYC Music Awards Gala are available now and can be purchased here. Pore over the complete list of nominees below.

Further details on the YYC Music Awards and gala can be found here.


Alternative Recording of the Year:

Marcus Trummer Band - "Good Times"
Matt Blais - "Fool's Gold"
Poke the Bear - "Along The Way"
Shuffalo - "Heart Attack"
Sin & Sonic - "Blood, Sex and Wine"

Contemporary Inspirational Recording of the Year:

Jason Hofer – "SCARS"
JOELLE – "Merry Christmas Night"
Northern Quarter – "Cold Dark Night"
Tammy Dixon – "Tammy Dixon"
Zaire Ink and Afuhmbom – "Manhood"

Country Recording of the Year:

Ben Chase - "All Over It"
Brad Saunders - "Play It by Beer"
David Bradford - "It's Okay"
Drew Gregory - "Good Place to Start"
Nice Horse - "Six String Outlaw - The Sundown Remix"

EDM Recording of the Year:

BUK - "B Nasty Beats"
Kloves - "Parabel EP"
Titus1 - "Only Love"
Titus1 & Boostha - "KULT019"
Troo Knot - "Novalia"

Female Artist of the Year:

Deanne Matley
Jennie Harluk
Kate Stevens
Lisette Xavier
Miesha & The Spanks

Folk Recording of the Year:

Benjamin Longman - "The Garden of Song"
Darren Crone - "Somewhere Down the Road"
Grant Kennedy - "Amsterdam"
S.K. Wellington - "Where the Earth Meets the Sea"
T. Buckley - "Miles We Put Behind"

Group of the Year:

Miesha & The Spanks
Nice Horse
The Path Less Traveled

Industry Person of the Year:

Cindy McLeod
Grant Howarth
Mike Little
Patrick McGannon
Sarah Scott

Jazz Recording of the Year:

Sheldon Zandboer - "Tipping Velvet"
Al Muirhead's Canadian Quintet - "Undertones"
Lorna MacLachlan - "Bicycle Riding in the Dark"
Jim Brenan 11 - "50/50"
Music with Mandy - "On the Sunny Side of the Street"

Male Artist of the Year:

Al Muirhead's Canadian Quintet
Brad Saunders
Drew Gregory
Matt Blais
T. Buckley

Metal Recording of the Year:

Every Hour Kills - "Fragile Machine"
Hammerdrone - "An Ever Increasing Wave"
Hyperia - "Fish Creek Frenzy"
Red Cain - "Wing of the Crow (feat. Kobra Paige)"
SYRYN - "Paradise For Demise"

Music Video of the Year:

Grant Kennedy - "Amsterdam ", Directors - Natali Voorthuis and Niels Dekker
MINDSEED - "Reflections", Director - Alex Labbe
Nice Horse - "Jim, Jack, Johnnie, and Jose", Director - Barrett Klesko
Punch Drunk Cabaret - "Don't Die Until You're Dead", Director - Ewen Clark, Ring Tail Films
Jake Vance - "White Lights", Director - Jake Vance

People's Choice Award:

Brendan Rothwell - "Keep on Keepin' On"
Craig Carswell - "Run"
Drew Gregory - "Know Good"
Kelsey Raine - "Hold On"
Taken by Sanity - "Sleepwalker"

Pop Recording of the Year:

Amy Hef - "Somehow Someway"
Jake Vance - "White Lights"
Jess Knights - "No Jazz"
Kate Stevens - "Right Choice"
Lisette Xavier - "Hot Mess"

R&B/Soul Recording of the Year:

Afuhmbom - "Jake's Story"
Kate Stevens - "It's Real"
Miss Benzo - "Revenge"
New Saint - "Rly Ain't"
Pat Clifton - "Buried Alive"

Rap Recording of the Year:

A.Y.E. - "Don't Blow My High"
Aypayne - "Fuego"
Jay Ross VS Teekay - "Str8 6 Shoota"
Jazzlib - "Behind Bars Too"
Kay L - "Before the Money"

Rock Recording of the Year:

Crack the Lens - "The Armoury"
Erwin Vesper - "Number One"
Miesha & The Spanks - "Girls Girls Girls"
Saints & Sinners - "Tailgate"
The Moröns - "We Throw You Under The Bus"

Single of the Year:

Ben Chase - "All Over It"
Drew Gregory - "Know Good"
Hayden McHugh - "Take You "
Miesha & The Spanks - "Summer Love"
T. Buckley - "Song Unbroken"

Songwriter of the Year:

Ben Chase - "All Over It"
Drew Gregory - "Know Good"
GhostBoy - "Star"
Kate Stevens - "It's Real"
T. Buckley - "Song Unbroken"

World Recording of the Year:

MD Lyonga – "Love & Music"
Montuno West – "Tocar Tambor"
Penny Sanborn Trio – "Mirror Suite"
Scruffyfish – "Off the Hook"
Virender & Manjit – "Lori Suna Phir Se"

Zackariah and the Prophets Memorial Award:

Aimee-Jo Benoit
Gratuitous Platypus
Marcus Trummer
Sandra Sutter
Taken By Sanity

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