Cadence Weapon Condemns "Freedom Convoy" as "Cross-Country Field Trip"

"People ... waving Canadian flags covered in swastikas have been treated with more respect than people who are actually being oppressed"

Cadence Weapon | Photo by Vivien Gaumand

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 2, 2022

The "Freedom Convoy" protest in Ottawa is sucking up a lot of air right now in Canada, and rapper Cadence Weapon has articulated his feelings about it, pointing out the ways in which these demonstrators have been treated more leniently than other recent protest movements.

In a Twitter thread (that he subsequently posted on Instagram), the rapper notes that Black Lives Matter protestors and Indigenous land defenders have faced swift clampdowns, as did those who protested encampment clearings in Toronto last year.

He pointed out that, in recent days, members of the "Freedom Convoy" have desecrated memorials for soldiers and Terry Fox, stolen food from soup kitchens, displayed fascist symbols, and much more.

As of this writing, only three arrests have been made in the five days of protesting. CTV reports that there are 25 active investigations.

Today, Cadence Weapon released the new single "Airplanes" with Busty and the Bass.

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