Burning Skies Murder by Means of Existence

First of all, what the fuck is that title supposed to mean anyway? It's like people trying to sound evil, yet enlightened (like vegans). And it doesn't end there — there are annoying song titles like "Individual Hate Complex” and "Narcolepic Suicide Attempt.” Whatever happened to two-word titles? At any rate, these guys have a bit of a Stampin' Ground thing going on here with Slayer riffage, All Out War-influenced vocals with heaps of kick drums. However, while the vocals are good, they don't have the same impact of the aforementioned Mike Score (AOW) and the drums sound horribly programmed (with that awful mechanical dugga-dugga sound), like those fruity industrial bands like Ministry. Plus, the songs are all over four minutes, when at least half could have been cut down a bit to give them more impact. (Lifeforce)