Bullet For My Valentine

Scream Aim Fire

BY Dave SynyardPublished Jan 24, 2008

This Welsh foursome have fashioned another metallic album that proves their sound has staying power. The Poison had a great balance of faster metal songs pumped up with the essential elements of metalcore and Scream Aim Fire only reinforces their status as one of the better bands of today. These blokes make good use of Matthew Tuck’s singing, as tidy harmonies come through, reinforcing choruses, while the rough vocals are paired with rousing guitar work from Michael Paget and Michael Thomas’s kit thrashing. In contrast, their musical work offers little in creativity or experimentation, attributes that usually cause controversy when a band release a second full-length. So what is the better final product: something new and experimental or something you can shred mean air guitar to? Scream Aim Fire is a no brainer when it comes to being successful. Critics will likely attack the genre Bullet For My Valentine are associated with as grounds for dismissing the promising work done here. But, if anything, this is a metal album in most respects.

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(Sony BMG)

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