Brutal Knights Feast of Shame

Time was when Brutal Knights were more of a funny band whose shenanigans made you giggle and whose music functioned as a soundtrack to their public debauchery. Well, Brutal Knights are still a funny band but Feast of Shame is a whole lot more than aural wallpaper to Friday night’s shit fest. An ass-walloping 14 songs in 18 minutes, the band demonstrate a clever sense of humour on songs like "We Have A Website” (chorus: "Brutal Knights dot fucking com”) but from the beginning of fiery opener "The Perfect Buffet” the band manage to meld insane energy, catchy barked vocals and an instrumental backing that recalls the outright aggression of Hardcore 81. Nick Flanagan, the group’s vocalist, does his best to play dumb, but this just affords him the opportunity to take the piss out of any and all of his chosen targets. (Deranged)