Bruce Haack Haack: The King Of Techno

Bruce Haack's rehabilitation from obscure electronic pioneer to semi-obscure inspirational cult figure is complete. Haack is best known for his futuristic and literate children's albums, whose beats and sounds still sound ahead of their time nearly 40 years later. None of the interviews here add much depth to his mysterious personality. Associates reminisce about his free spirit, his wonderful sonic creations and his eventual depression over never finding success, but little elevates him beyond a biography in Allmusic. His biography ends at the 40 minute mark, and the remainder of the disc is a less interesting look at efforts to record a tribute album to him. This is yet another example of great subject matter being dulled by poor documentary technique, yet his music is so inspirational one can't help but recommend this. Plus: radio interviews with Bruce Haack, director Philip Anagnos, complete footage of appearance on Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood (worth the price of the DVD alone). (Koch)