Bruce Cockburn You've Never Seen Everything

The last 12 years haven’t produced much inspiring new material from Bruce Cockburn. This time, he took four years off in between albums, and the rejuvenating effect is more than noticeable on this, his 20th album. It’s vintage Cockburn, with supremely pissed-off polemics, sad spoken reflections, and non-sentimental, questioning love songs. To tip the balance in favour of hope, Cockburn offers "Put It in Your Heart” and "Don’t Forget About Delight.” Musically, he’s covering all his bases, from his sparse folk beginnings to his polished, ’80s sound to his jazz leanings of late, which are better integrated here. He’s best in blues mode, like the African-influenced "Wait No More” and the reggae groove of "Tried and Tested.” His best melodic days may be behind him, but his masterful band mates bring this record to vivid life, including Sarah Harmer and Emmylou Harris on backing vocals. (True North)