Broken Frames

Eyes Set To Kill

BY Ronak GhorbaniPublished Jul 19, 2010

In 12 short months after releasing their sophomore album Phoenix, AZ outfit Eyes Set To Kill have returned with third effort Broken Frames. Musically the album is their heaviest to date. Riddled with explosive guitar riffs, amped chugging and mercilessly pounded drums, twin sisters/band founders Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez (who plays bass) are almost fully embracing their metalcore tendencies. Still maintaining her position as frontwoman, Alexia shreds her guitar while delivering melodic vocals. With new screamer Justin Cisko Denson in tow, opening track "All You Ever Knew" kicks-off with deliciously thick, deep growls and somewhat technical riffs. For the most part, the contrast between Denson and Alexia's vocal styles works well. But on tracks such as "Falling Fast," Alexia comes off as a squeakier version of Hayley from Paramore. Also, piano-driven, heartbroken ballads "Ryan" and "Let Me In" are out of place when compared to the album's overall tougher feel.

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