Brockway Biggs In Awe of Simplicity

With his third moniker in as many albums, the newly christened Brockway Biggs takes this opportunity to add an extra dose of honesty into his regular mix of party jams, odes to hard work and frank discussions about insecurities, dreams and religion. He also takes the opportunity to spit a little venom, verbally lashing out at lazy, bitter people who expect handouts on "Clap Your Hands” and mocking his critics on "Super Dude Envy,” a sarcastic reinterpretation of the hate mail he receives for the simple, honest rap style of previous incarnations PIMP-T and Pimp Tea. Sure, sometimes he still stretches out his syllables to fit or rushes through them but he also demonstrates some quality flows on songs like "Heretics Heritage Intro,” "Uhhh” and "Overload.” It also doesn’t hurt that Brockway has connections to some great East Coast beatmakers. The record features slamming production from Loc Dog, Sean One and Nevski; mellow, introspective production from Classified, Hotbox and Psychobeatz; and even an electro-metal jam from brother Colin Neilson. Oh, and let’s not forget that the theme song for Nelly’s Pimp Juice brand, a remix of hit song "Shake Ya Caboose” featuring D.O. and Prentiss Church, is also included. The few flaws you’ll find on In Awe of Simplicity are easily overlooked by the endearing in-your-face honesty of Brockway Biggs and his dope beat selections. (Brockway)