Brockhampton Treat 'Saturation' Trilogy to Box Set Release

It's the first physical release of the series
Brockhampton Treat 'Saturation' Trilogy to Box Set Release
Self-proclaimed hip-hop "boy band" Brockhampton have been generating plenty of buzz with their Saturation release series this year, and before 2017 comes to a close, the California-based collective will release their year's work in a new box set.

A pre-order launched by the band shows that the box will contain four discs, bringing together SaturationSaturation II, the yet-to-be-released Saturation III and a disc titled "DRAFTS." It marks the first time any instalment of the Saturation series has seen a physical release. 

The box will also include a DVD with a 150-minute documentary on the making of the Saturation trilogy, in addition to some other surprise goodies.

Listeners can also include a T-shirt or hoodie with their purchase of the box, with each clothing item sporting images and blueprints of the box itself. You can pore over the pre-order page here.

Brockhampton released Saturation in June of this year, before delivering Saturation II in August. Saturation III is expected to see release before 2017 comes to a close.