Bring Me the Horizon "Drown" (video)

Bring Me the Horizon 'Drown' (video)
The truth is out, everybody. The reason melodic UK metalcore kings Bring Me the Horizon sound so damned beastly is because they've got a werewolf on the drum kit. You need proof? Well, check out the lycanthropic new video behind the crew's new single, "Drown."

The video treatment works a few different angles, with the band initially seen performing in spiffy suits, sort of like an Animals appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show circa 1964.

Oddly, the intricate stage setup is apparently caged inside a hospital, with the band themselves feeling a bit under the weather. Oli Sykes seems to be fighting off a case of reptilian flu ("I'm not alright," he croons), while Matt Nicholls transforms into a creature of the night mid-song.

You can see the rest of the monstrous narrative for yourself down below.

"Drown" will be issued to retailers December 7.