Bright Eyes "Coyote Song" (video)

Bright Eyes 'Coyote Song' (video)
Conor Oberst plays piano in front of the massive, ominously oppressive metal fence on the El Paso, TX side of the U.S.-Mexico border in his new video clip "Coyote Song," but the man also known as Bright Eyes quashes this darkness via the hopeful protest number.

Written for the Sound Strike - a collection of artists unified in the boycott of Arizona's SB Bill 1070, which allows police to detain anyone they suspect to be in the country illegally - the airy tunes glides by on nothing more than 88 keys, some spare slide guitar and Oberst's timid tenor.

Between its lyrics of "Copper wire sunsets" and a scene where Oberst can't quite make it through the border's gates, "Coyote Song" can be bleak, but there's still a sense of optimism in that one day a change will come. "I'm sending the coyote to bring you back to me," he asserts by song's end.

Check out "Coyote Song" below: