Briefs Sex Objects

The Buzzcocks are often referenced in modern punk reviews as having been one of the original pop punk bands. Their brand of boppy garage rock and infectious melodies undoubtedly inspired many of today's punk bands (whether they know it or not). But what's often overlooked is that they were also one of the cheekiest bands as well. Their songs were filled with references to sex, girls, and more sex. The Briefs have not forgotten that important distinction. While this Seattle band shamelessly lift some of Pete Shelley's and Steve DigglesÂ’ riffs, they also make their songs saucy as well. Throw in the skinny ties and tight trousers and these guys are little more than the Buzzcocks reborn. But their unabashed, unapologetic approach makes them hard not to admire if for nothing more than shear audacity. And what could be more punk than that? (BYO)