Brian Jonestown Massacre Line Up 'The Singles Collection (1992-2011)'

Brian Jonestown Massacre Line Up 'The Singles Collection (1992-2011)'
Long-running psychedelic musical commune the Brian Jonestown Massacre have been delivering tripped-out, rock'n'roll goods for the better part of two decades and are set to celebrate that fact with the upcoming two-disc set, The Singles Collection (1992-2011).

While records like last year's mind-melting Who Killed Sgt. Pepper? are long-form psych trips, leader Anton Newcombe has also excelled in the realm of short vinyl. The remastered, 22-song singles set covers the group's 45-approved output. Fourteen of the cuts featured on the beefed-up package, including "Convertible," "Their Majesties 2nd Request (Enrique's Dream)" and the tracks off their most recent single ("Illuminomi" and "There's A War Going On"), were previously only available on vinyl.

If you missed out on the original platters, a 24-page booklet provides the cover art from each release. If, however, you already own all of these songs, you'll be happy to know that Newcombe and his crew are currently recording a new album in Germany. That set will see release sometime in 2012.

The Singles Collection (1992-2011) will be released August 30 by Redeye Distribution.

The Singles Collection (1992-2011):

Disc one:

1. "She Made Me"
2. "Evergreen"
3. "Convertible"
4. "Their Majesties 2nd Request (Enrique's Dream)"
5. "Hide & Seek"
6. "Methodrone (Live at the Compound)"
7. "Cold To The Touch"
8. "Anemone"
9. "Never Ever"
10. "Feelers"
11. "Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth"

Disc two:

1. "This Is Why You Love Me"
2. "Lantern"
3.  "Malela"
4. "If Love Is The Drug Then I Want To OD"
5. "When Jokers Attack"
6. "Prozac vs Heroin"
7. "Nailing Honey To The Bee"
8. "Illuminomi"
9. "There's A War Going On"
10. "Thoughts Of You by Acid"
11. "Never Ever by Acid"