Brian Jonestown Massacre Members Brawl on Stage, Cancel Remaining Tour Dates

Frontperson Anton Newcombe seemingly tried to fire guitarist Ryan Van Kried mid-performance in Melbourne

Photo via @Educkator_Teco on Twitter

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 22, 2023

Psych-rock stalwarts Brian Jonestown Massacre were performing down under in Melbourne, Australia, last night (November 21), but the concert itself became something of a massacre when two members of the band started an onstage brawl.

Frontperson Anton Newcombe seemingly tried to fire guitarist Ryan Van Kried mid-performance, with Newcombe appearing to have been "unhappy and angry at everyone" in the crowd [via ABC News], reaching his breaking point after the band's sixth song of the night, "Forgotten Graves."

Turning his ire toward Van Kried in fan-shot video footage, Newcombe said, "My perception as an artistic child is that he's readying to play resentments, not guitars. That's how I interpret it," prompting an inaudible response from the guitarist.

The frontperson then ordered, "Cut off this guy's mic, put down my guitar, party's over captain. Please," adding to Van Kried, "We actually don't need you. Go. Put my guitar down on the stage and think about what's happening."

"You better think about this one, man," the guitarist warned. "Because this is forever."

Oh, but it didn't stop there. Van Kried appeared to have attempted to exit the stage — but he and Newcombe exchanged words, proceeding to flip each other off and then start a shoving match, with the frontperson picking up a guitar and swinging it at Van Kried. The guitarist went on to chase Newcombe around to the front of the stage, the two musicians tackling each other to the ground and needing to be pulled apart by security.

After the incident, Newcombe made an attempt to address the crowd. "I'm defeated. God bless this country," he told the audience, then tipping his hat to a chorus of booing. Perched atop a road case, he dodged drinks being thrown as the curtain closed on the show.

According to ABC News, the remainder of the band's tour has been cancelled ahead of the final few dates on the itinerary. They were scheduled to play the Theatre Royale Castlemaine tonight, and the venue announced on their website that the gig has been cancelled "on medical grounds."

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