The Brains Hell n' Back/No Brain, No Pain

The Brains come raging out of Montreal’s psychobilly scene to take over your stereos and chow down on, well, your brains. This zombie-themed band don’t bring anything new musically to the table but it’s still a "fun as all hell” record, especially on songs like "More Brains” and "20 Beers.” Guitarist/vocalist Rene El Brain spews tales of flesh eating and zombie love over a soundtrack of punishing, full-steam-ahead psychobilly. The rhythm section of Frank O’Brain (drums) and Johnny Montreal (bass) drive the songs along at often breakneck paces, making for a record that very rarely lets up enough for you to breathe. This record is a collection of two previous LPs — Hell n’ Back and No Brain, No Pain — which makes it a really long listen, almost too long, as the album pushes through 25 songs and 69 minutes. It can get a little tedious by the end, so take the record in stages. Overall, if psychobilly is your thing, this is one band not to miss. (Stumble)