Born Ruffians' Luke Lalonde Readies New Solo Album

Watch a video for the title track from 'The Perpetual Optimist'
Born Ruffians' Luke Lalonde Readies New Solo Album
Having shared solo debut Rhythmnals back in 2012, Born Ruffians frontman Luke Lalonde has now announced details of a follow-up effort.

Lalonde will release new album The Perpetual Optimist on November 22 through Paper Bag Records/Warp Publishing. In spite of the sunny title, the set of 11 "Americana-infused" tracks are said to be "steeped in observational concern" about humanity's current chaotic state of affairs.

"Recently I've been worrying a lot. I think a lot of people have," Lalonde explained in a statement. "There's a lot of bad things happening out there. I worry mostly about the planet, and the animals living on it. I worry that we humans, so prone to consume and destroy, do more evil than good. I think our planet is God and she is attempting to buck us off now."

He continued: "But I also worry about myself. I worry about the people I love, and about innumerable inane things throughout my day that eclipse the fact that we're undergoing a mass extinction event. I don't know if we're equipped to comprehend an apocalypse that moves so slowly. Or maybe we're all just wired with a firebrand optimism."

Lalonde has shared a Roger Galvez-directed video for the album's title track, which you can find below. The Perpetual Optimist is now available for pre-order.

The Perpetual Optimist:

1. Waiting for the Light to Change
2. Poonchie
3. The Perpetual Optimist
4. Dusty Lime
5. Ru
6. Go Somewhere
7. Any Day Now
8. (not my) Spiritual Guide!
9. La Terre Vivra
10. Two Minutes to Midnight
11. Winners & Losers