Born Ruffians "Needle"

Born Ruffians 'Needle'
Following the previously shared "With Her Shadow," Ontario pop-rock act Born Ruffians have unveiled another track from the upcoming Birthmarks with "Needle."

The song begins with a gently lilting, Fleet Foxes-style melody. The energy picks up around the 50-second mark with the entrance of a toe-tapping beat, and the track eventually slides into a pop-friendly singalong.

Frontman Luke Lalonde said in a statement, "The beauty of anonymity is basically the subject of 'Needle.' The song mostly centres around the 'needle in the hay' as a thing. I think 'Needle' and some other songs on Birthmarks are self-reflexive as far as my life and identity as a musician in a band. 'Needle,' to me, is really about being out of the game for a bit and losing touch with that identity in a good way. I think moving through your mid-twenties and not really doing what other people your age might be doing, or what a lot of people my age feel like they should be doing — like a PhD, or buying a house, or having a real job with a salary and benefits — is a bit like the needle falling through the haystack and losing the more youthful 'the world is my oyster' feeling. It's about finding a way to belong in the landscape of music and also just in my life."

Birthmarks is out on April 16 through Paper Bag/Yep Roc. See the band's upcoming tour schedule here.