Booker's Holiday Spectacular ft. Nick Rose (Exclaim! TV)

Booker's Holiday Spectacular ft. Nick Rose (Exclaim! TV)
It turns out the end of the world never happened, so we'll continue celebrating the holidays with the next episode of Booker's Holiday Spectacular! Singer-songwriter Nick Rose (of Sweet Thing) delivers Booker some tunes in hopes of bringing more joy to the world.

First, Rose covers classic holiday hymn "In the Bleak Midwinter." With his warm, resonating voice and some gentle guitar plucking, Rose brings to life a song that was originally written by Christina Georgina Rossetti in 1830.

He also performed an as-yet-unreleased song called "Put Another Coat of Paint," an adorable tune about reviving an old house. 

Booker's not done delivering you holiday goodies just yet, though — Stay tuned next week for more episodes featuring Dr. Ew and Kashka.

Nick Rose - In the Bleak Midwinter (Booker's... by ExclaimTV

Nick Rose- Put Another Coat of Paint by ExclaimTV