Will Oldham's Bonny Billy Covers Record 'More Revery' Treated to Expanded Reissue

Will Oldham's Bonny Billy Covers Record 'More Revery' Treated to Expanded Reissue
Will Oldham produces music at such a blindingly prolific pace that it's not hard to imagine some of his work getting lost in the shuffle. Helping rectify this, Temporary Residence Ltd. has revealed plans to repress a limited-edition covers CD of his that the label had issued back in 2001. More Revery, released as Bonny Billy, is being dusted off and expanded for a deluxe edition on May 6.

A press release explains that the label had commissioned the songwriter for an EP as part of their "Travels in Constants" mail order series. As Bonny Billy (note: not Bonnie "Prince" Billy), he recorded covers of songs by the likes of PJ Harvey ("Sweeter Than Anything"), the Mamas & the Papas' John Phillips ("Someone's Sleeping"), Bill Withers ("Same Love That Made Me Laugh") and more.

Oldham would later put together a backup band and take the songs on tour. At the end of the trip, he and the group entered Paul Oldham's Rove Studio in Shelbyville, KY, and tracked the song cycle live off the floor. The 15th anniversary edition adds the live sessions.

The first-ever vinyl edition of More Revery is being pressed up in a limited-edition of 200 on transparent purple vinyl, as well as on traditional black wax. You can pre-order either version over here.

The More Revery reissue follows recent Bonnie "Prince" Billy releases Pond Scum and the Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties collaboration with Bitchin Bajas.

More Revery:

1. Someone's Sleeping
2. Sweeter Than Anything
3. Same Love Than Made Me Laugh
4. A Dream of the Sea
5. Strange Things
6. Just To See You Smile
7. Someone's Sleeping (Live)
8. Sweeter Than Anything (Live)
9. Same Love That Made Me Laugh (Live)
10. A Dream of the Sea (Live)
11. Strange Things (Live)
12. Just To See You Smile (Live)