Bonde Do Role Marina Gasolina EP

Although the jury is still out on whether baile funk will go the way of electro-clash, it has been the "in” sound of indie dance parties for the majority of 2007. Besides Diplo, who introduced the genre internationally and handles production duties on this EP, Bonde do Role are the only band that have gained international attention in this genre (in fact, Brazilians frown up this stuff, for the most part) and they will have a great challenge in capturing fickle attention spans. The Marina Gasolina EP introduces three new tracks and a couple of remixes. "Miami Beach” is a slice of G-funk through the rhymes of 2 Live Crew, with the Florida tourist board likely cued up to use the line "Sipping on margaritas, time to bang some senoritas” in their promotional fodder. "Contaminada” sounds like a dirty Brazilian, drunk on cachaça, ogling lead Bonde MC Marina Ribatski, who orally humps the microphone in response. Some solid remixes of songs off their debut album, With Lazers, add some new spins using the sounds you would expect CSS, Peaches and Architecture in Helsinki to use. Bonde do Role are still a novelty but at least they are a danceable one. (Domino)