The Switch

BY Jenna McClellandPublished Jul 23, 2018

The Body/Head dichotomy is a clear distinction from the Cartesian body/mind split — the mind, a separate, abstracted consciousness, versus the physicality of the head, of the same plane as the body. The Switch leans heavily into the visceral, cerebral cues returned to a warm pulse of blood.
The Switch, in its entirety, is full of beautiful resonances. Minimal drones create slow, earthy movements — with more movement than Earth, a confrontation with the senses. "You Don't Need" finds your extremities, climbs up your limbs and wanders through the spinal vertebrae, bringing ecstasy that peaks around 3:38 — this is the moment your eyes roll back into your head.
I watched a dog excited to see a slowing female skateboarder, who paused to pet — I read a eulogy to "You Don't Need" — and all visions fit. "You Don't Need" is so close to life.
There is power in creating a work that is able to meet its listener at so many entrances. Body/Head are known for their dissonant arrangements; historically, through Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Bill Nace's impressive backlog independent of one another, as well as contemporarily. Yet to describe this EP as dissonant would be to delineate a lack of harmony in its soundscapes – and there is absolute harmony in The Switch.
(Matador Records)

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