Body Count "Institutionalized" (Suicidal Tendencies cover) (video)

Body Count 'Institutionalized' (Suicidal Tendencies cover) (video)
Sorry to ruin the illusion, but life isn't all peaches and cream for actor/rapper Ice-T. Some days the dude just wants to kick back after a hard day of work and crank up the kill count with a round of Call of Duty, but his wife gets in the way. This is one of many day-to-day annoyances he encounters in Body Count's new video for their cover of Suicidal Tendencies classic "Instituionalized."

Witness, if you will, T and Coco getting into an argument over how much Xbox he should be playing at home, or the rapper tastelessly berating a Gmail employee over email issues, or threatening to kill someone on-set after arguing about sandwich. The vocalist's hair-trigger temper over all these non-situations are all completely ludicrous, despite T claimining he's not crazy on the thrash track's chorus.

Replacing the original song's Pepsi-less angst, malaise and frustration with these more trivial, high-pocket problems are clearly self-aware, but it's still a little uncomfortable to see the satirical redo play out as such. You'll find Ice T screaming, sulking, and otherwise taking the piss out of himself down below.

The cover comes from last year's Manslaughter LP.