Bob Mould "The War" (video)

Bob Mould 'The War' (video)
Following a performance of the same song on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, Bob Mould has unveiled the official video for "The War."

The track comes from the former Hüsker Dü frontman's most recent record Beauty and Ruin, while the clip was directed by David Markey.

The video is an ode to touring, with Mould and his gang travelling around in a van and eating fast food before checking into a venue for some nicely shot performance footage.

In a statement about the filmed performance, Markey said: "Mould didn't allow his bandmates time to catch their breath during most of the first set before tearing into the next song. There was even less room in the second run … he struggled to read the set list at his feet toward show's end, but that was because he had to take off his glasses. No exaggeration: The lenses kept fogging up from the steam coming off the stage."

You can see the sweat splashed across his glasses in the video and if you watch through til the end, you'll also catch a cameo from denim and patch enthusiast Ryan Adams.