Vancouver's Bob Moses Bring Concept Albums to the Club on 'Desire'

Vancouver's Bob Moses Bring Concept Albums to the Club on 'Desire'
In Greek mythology, the cautionary tale of Icarus is well-known. The expression "don't fly too close to the sun," after all, is a direct nod to the young man's overwhelming desire to fly higher and higher before melting the wax of his wings and plummeting to his death.

The image itself is powerful, so much so that Bob Moses dedicated the cover art of their latest release to it. Desire, which follows 2018's Battle Lines, sees the Vancouver duo of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance ruminating on the darker side of desire across six tracks of emotive deep house.

"We've appreciated the worlds created in concept records from bands like Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails," Howie said in the duo's press materials. "We thought it would be interesting to combine that kind of songwriting with the flow of modern electronic music."

On "Outlier," Howie croons, "Everything always seems fine / When you look from the outside" ⏤ hinting at the potential turmoil that lies within. Artfully arranged and stitched together, Desire is a lush meditation on the power of turning inward to cultivate self-awareness. The album is continuously mixed to rekindle the atmosphere of a club set, which allows Howie and Vallance to capture the natural swells and progressions of electronic dance music's pre-COVID days. (Since quarantine began, Bob Moses has been staying connected with fans through weekly live streamed DJ sets.)

If nothing else, listeners should indulge in the sheer artistry of the title track's interactive music video, directed by Owen Brown and animated by Airplan Studio. Bob Moses cleverly give users the choice between two versions of the video ⏤ pain and pleasure ⏤ that capture the duality of desire and its potential pitfalls, both literal and figurative.

As the sun sets on an unprecedented summer, Bob Moses inject one last dose of sultry, hypnotic dance music bound to get people moving. Even if only in their bedrooms. (Domino)