Bob Dylan "Like a Rolling Stone" (interactive video)

Bob Dylan 'Like a Rolling Stone' (interactive video)
Yesterday (November 18), we saw a new music video from the Beatles, and now we've now another new classic rock clip courtesy of Bob Dylan, who just unveiled an interactive video for his 1965 hit "Like a Rolling Stone."

It allows viewers to channel surf between a range of fake TV shows including sports highlights, home makeovers, trashy reality shows, children's cartoons, game shows, cooking shows and more. In all of these shows, the stars lip-sync along with the words.

Various celebs pop in these shows, including Danny Brown, Drew Carey (hosting The Price Is Right, natch), Marc Maron and more. Even archival footage of Dylan himself appears.

The video was created to support Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One, out now through Legacy Recordings/Columbia Records.

Watch the interactive video at Dylan's website.