Boards of Canada

'Tomorrow's Harvest' Listening Party Short Film

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 7, 2013

Last week, Boards of Canada hosted a listening party for their Tomorrow's Harvest LP at the Lake Dolores Waterpark in California. While some bootleg videos had surfaced shortly after the party, a new, officially sanctioned look at what transpired has now been unveiled.

What you get from the Neil Krug-directed short film is a collection of artsy, atmospheric shots of metal trailers, platforms and the 100 or so fans that sat in the desert to hear the Scottish ambient masters' new song cycle. You can peep it all for yourself down below. If you want to recreate the experience yourself one day, Krug revealed the coordinates of the locale: 34°56'54"N, 116°40'53"W.

As previously reported, Tomorrow's Harvest arrives outside of the confines of an abandoned waterpark on June 11 via Warp.

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