Blue Hawaii "Get Happy" / "Get Happier"

Blue Hawaii 'Get Happy' / 'Get Happier'
Feeling down that electronic two-piece Blue Hawaii haven't really issued too much material in the wake of their 2013 LP, Untogether? Well, cheer up, because the group have just delivered a new online package, with tracks asking us to first "Get Happy," and then "Get Happier."

"Get Happy" glides by gently as an electro-acoustic piece, with Raphaelle Standell-Preston softly detailing how she's been increasing a dosage of pills for her tortured heart. Adding to the "numbing of [her] mind" are floating synth textures and finger-picked guitar work. Like a handful of Addies, a reworked version called "Get Happier" spikes the heart-rhythms, juicing up the tempo two-fold with a Detroit house beat and a series of manipulated vocal ticks juxtaposing the original's docile delivery.

"'Get Happy' is a song we recorded one day in January 2014 but laid to rest as we got lost in the commotion of touring and moving to separate cities," the band explained in a statement. "As the year progressed, we found our live show intensify but still had all these softer recordings which would never be released. Hence we present Get Happy / Get Happier, where we explore both sides: the original demo and a fun, double-time edit made one day in August."

You can stream "Get Happy" and "Get Happier" down below, as well as download the tracks here courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear.