Bloods Take a Grungy Trip to 'Seattle' on Nostalgic EP

Bloods Take a Grungy Trip to 'Seattle' on Nostalgic EP
Bloods' grungy Seattle EP, fittingly recorded and written in the titular city, is a '90s throwback dream. There are a few moments, however, where it's a bit too self-aware.

You can tell right from the start that singer MC and her bandmates Dirk Jonker (drums) and Mike Morgan (guitar, bass and backing vocals) really do live and breathe the grunge sound they create. They proudly talk about how they went to Jack Endino's Sound House studio to record and used the amp Kurt Cobain played through, and that sound comes through, pure and unmolested.

The best-known track from the EP, "U & M E" is catchy, fun, and perfect for summer (whatever that looks like this year). "The New Guy" is also pretty fun, with some serious riffs and plenty of energy. But when you get to songs like "I Hate It" and "Girls Are Just Fucking Cool Like That," there's a touch too much nostalgia. And while their messages are well-received, listeners might hope for some deeper, more topical content — and less (slightly outdated) gender commentary comparing boys and girls.

Overall, this record is much recommended for fans of the catchy and the heavy, but don't look too deep below the surface when it comes to the lyrics or the music. (Share It Music)