Blood Orange Reportedly Attacked by Security at Lollapalooza

Blood Orange Reportedly Attacked by Security at Lollapalooza
Yesterday (August 1), Blood Orange performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Unfortunately, the day took an unsettling turn for the singer known as Devonté Hynes, since he has spoken out after he and his girlfriend were allegedly assaulted by security.

The exact details surrounding this incident are unclear, but both Hynes and his girlfriend Samantha Urbani posted a string of tweets about the apparent attack. According to their account, three security guards jumped them, first grabbing Urbani and then throwing Hynes to the ground.

One of the security guards has apparently claimed that Hynes assaulted him, which the singer said was "insanity." He promised to press charges and asked anyone who saw the incident to come forward.

Ironically, Hynes had given a speech that day about racism and police brutality. He was wearing a shirt memorializing victims of attacks (including Trayvon Martin), while Urbani wore a "STOP POLICE BRUTALITY" T-shirt.

Hynes wrote that they were "in pain" following the incident, and that he was "bruised up." They are clearly shaken, but Hynes thanks fans for their support and said that he was "blessed to be alive."

The guards were apparently not Lollapalooza staff, but privately hired security for the stage. The festival issued the following statement about the incident: "Late Friday night, we learned of an incident involving an artist and a security guard on site. Since then, we have been in contact with those involved and the authorities, as we work together to resolve the situation. As always, our top priority is to ensure the safety of everyone at the festival."

Read the tweets below.