Blocks Blocks Blocks Recording Club LABEL

For those yearning to escape the jaded, cynical shackles of age and return to the passion of youth, your ship has arrived — and it’s a flamboyant cruise that shouts "Toronto is great!" and "I love world!" at every opportunity. The new indie rock enthusiasm is headed by Blocks Blocks Blocks — a recording club (not label), officially run by two people: Steven K. Kado and Liisa K. Graham. Kado is the man behind the remotely famous "Hey Ya" cover created under his pseudonym, the Blankket; he also plays bass with lo-fi punks the Barcellona Pavillion. Unofficially, Blocks Blocks Blocks’ members could count as a ton of other individuals — artists, fans, friends — who contribute their time, cash and upward-pointing thumbs. This month, the club boasts their most official releases: a compilation to introduce each of your soon-favourite bands, including the faux-hip-hopping Ninja High School, Russian dance-freaks Lenin I Shumov, beautiful panic folk-sters Les Mouches, electro-prodigy Animalmonster, and more, all ready to shake you out of that complacent coma. The second release comes from Bob Wiseman, just in time to add some cred to the cheering section. (