Bloc Party Detail 'Hymns' LP

Bloc Party Detail 'Hymns' LP
We knew that British rock band Bloc Party would be returning next year with a new album, and they had even shared the song "The Love Within." Now, they've confirmed more of the details surrounding the Hymns.

That's the cover artwork up above. Hymns will arrive on January 29.

The album consists of 11 songs plus four iTunes bonus tracks. See the tracklist below (and revisit opening cut "The Love Within" below that).

Frontman Kele Okereke said that the album was inspired by seeing author Hanif Kureishi discuss the modern unpopularity of evangelical art. Okereke said, "And that point stuck with me because it seemed like for me music had originated in a religious place. The first music I ever heard was hymns at school. I started to think, if I was going to make music that had a spiritual dimension, that was sacred to me and to the things that I held important, how would I do it?" The singer apparently grew up in a Christian household, although he's not religious himself.

This is the band's first album since 2012's Four.


1. The Love Within
2. Only He Can Heal Me
3. So Real
4. The Good News
5. Fortress
6. Different Drugs
7. Into the Earth
8. My True Name
9. Virtue
10. Exes
11. Living Lux
12. Eden (iTunes bonus track)
13. Paradiso (iTunes bonus track)
14. New Blood (iTunes bonus track)
15. Evening Song (iTunes bonus track)